What sets a good whiskey and a great whiskey apart isn’t about the tasting notes or the receptacle in which it’s been matured. It’s about the company you share it with and the moments you make in the midst of sharing. That’s where we stand—in fact, it’s the reason for our namesake. At Company Distilling, we believe in supporting each other and celebrating together, raising our glasses as a collective, and getting through this thing called life with a little help from our favorite people.

Whether you’ve been a bourbon aficionado for years or you’re new to the whiskey world, we’re here to tell you that the only real mistake you can make in enjoying Company Straight Bourbon Whiskey is in keeping it all to yourself. In fact, one of Company Distilling’s founding brothers in bourbon, Kris Tatum, notes that the notion of the company you keep while enjoying your whiskey was so important that it had to end up in the name. “The team at Company is an unlikely assemblage of friends with a history of building distilleries, crafting exceptional spirits, and bringing people together,” explains Kris.

Just in case you want a bit of guidance from our team of sipping visionaries, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when it comes to Company Distilling Straight Bourbon Whiskey:

What is the preferred method of enjoying Company Distilling Straight Bourbon Whiskey?
First off, we think our bourbon is best when shared. But if you’re talking about the actual best way to sip it, we are big believers in drinking it straight (after all, it’s right in the name!). Company has created a straight bourbon whiskey fully matured in oak barrels and finished with maple wood to produce a sip like no other.

What if I can’t get down with room temp bourbon?
Complex and smooth, our wheated bourbon opens with sweet notes of caramel and cinnamon toast paired with apple and finishes with a silky blend of oak and maple. But if you prefer to experience your bourbon with a bit of a chill, hit it with one cube.

What gives Company Distilling Straight Bourbon Whiskey that smooth factor?
Most bourbons are produced using corn, malted barley, and rye. Unlike rye, which tends to be peppery and spicy in character, wheat has a softer and more approachable nature that we believe works well with the maple wood finishing. Here’s the magic of maple wood finishing: Our whiskey is 90 proof, but it drinks like it’s 80 proof. Magic indeed.

Another way that we up the ante on our bourbon is all in the maple. Many Tennessee distillers utilize maple to filter their whiskey, but we use it to enhance our bourbon whiskey. Maple, like oak, tends to have both sweet and finishing notes that are unique and well-balanced. Toasted maple adds complexity without overwhelming in its flavors.

But what if I’m not ready to live the “drink it straight” life just yet?
For the craft cocktail lovers, we have the perfect drink for Company Straight Bourbon Whiskey to shine.

Company Distilling Bourbon Maple Old Fashioned

Maple Old Fashioned
2 oz Company Distilling Bourbon
½ oz Maple Simple Syrup (1:1 maple syrup and water)
2 dashes Aromatic Bitters
1 Maraschino Cherry
1 Orange Peel

Add Bourbon, Maple Simple Syrup, and Bitters to a cocktail mixing glass with ice. Stir rapidly (30 sec) until mixed and chilled. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Garnish with the Cherry and Orange Peel.

The company we keep at Company Distilling is a group of good folks who believe in the power of gathering together. Company Master Distiller Jeff Arnett (former Jack Daniels master distiller and 2017 Master Distiller of the Year) reiterates the notion of the spirit of togetherness when it comes to enjoying your favorite spirit. “For years now, we’ve had this spirit in the back of our minds. It’s the whiskey we always wanted to make. A spirit well worth gathering over. Meticulously crafted for the best of friends,” he says. That’s Company Distilling. Made to be shared. Made for bourbon and whiskey lovers. Made for those who just haven’t found the whiskey for them yet. Made for best friends on their best days, their worst days, and all the little moments in between.