Company Distilling: The Perfect Pairing, Every Time

We make good whiskey. We know that. The amount of time and craftsmanship that goes into our blend can only mean success. But once the whiskey leaves our hands, it’s up to you. Here at Company Distilling we know that the company you keep enhances every sip of drink. You and us, we’re partners in good taste. We craft the flavor, but you’re responsible for the setting it’s consumed in. You’re not entirely alone in [...]

Getting to Know Master Distiller Jeff Arnett

Whiskey is one of those things that takes time and patience to make. Every step in the creation process is a moment for nuance. So, too, the drinking experience is enhanced by the company you keep. That’s the driving idea behind Company Distilling. We believe good whiskey is meant to be shared among friends, because whiskey is good, but the people around you make it better. At Company, we know people are important. And our [...]

Tips and Tricks for Truly Enjoying Company Bourbon

What sets a good whiskey and a great whiskey apart isn’t about the tasting notes or the receptacle in which it’s been matured. It’s about the company you share it with and the moments you make in the midst of sharing. That’s where we stand—in fact, it’s the reason for our namesake. At Company Distilling, we believe in supporting each other and celebrating together, raising our glasses as a collective, and getting through this thing [...]

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