This is between friends.

The pandemic impacted us all and made us rethink how and when we gathered with those we hold closest. We felt that the thought of having “company” over was one of the primary objectives we wanted to achieve as we launched as a brand; to offer spirits that you would be proud to offer your best company and make products worthy of those occasions in your life when you are gathered with people who are important to you. It was out of that desire and sentiment that Company Distilling was born.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tennessee Unleashed

In 2009, Tennessee was home to only three distilleries. One of Company Distilling’s founders was a key part of the conversation in the law changes that afforded us all the opportunity to get into the industry. The collective effort was led by the Tennessee Distillers Guild and the legislative body of the state of Tennessee. We worked hand-in-hand with our legislators, other members of the alcohol industry, and distilleries, large and small, to ensure parity.

Kris Tatum and Jeff Arnett, two of Company Distilling’s founding partners, worked tirelessly on the Tennessee Distillers Guild board as President and Vice President and are very proud of the results that came about during their time serving.

Made for Sharing

We’ve tried our best to create high-quality whiskeys , gin, spirits, and craft beer in spaces that you want to gather around. We hope you’ll visit with us in Thompson’s Station or Townsend, Tennessee.

Pleased to Meet You

We don’t know you, and we won’t pretend to. But if you uncork a bottle of Company, then there’s something between us. Something real. Not a “product,” or an empty promise dressed up with a label and a barcode. Something we both believed in enough to bet our most valuable resource. We’ve poured time into making it perfect. And you’ve given it some of the time that matters most – time set aside to enjoy life. We’re glad to make your acquaintance. Here’s to time well spent.