Tennessee Unleashed

In 2009, Tennessee was home to only three distilleries. In a state famous for its whiskey, that number seems like an injustice. One of our founders felt the same way and took it upon himself to do something about it. He wrote and championed Senate Bill 1955 – the law that got rid of legislation keeping the cork on Tennessee’s creativity. Now, craft spirits can flow freely in our state. And to that, we raise a glass.

Made for Sharing

There are things you share with the world. And there are things you share with the people you hold closest. They aren’t always big things; they can be as simple as a knowing glance, or a peal of laughter. But they’re the best things, because you wouldn’t trade them for the world. We know you can’t just go out and create these things. But we’ve done our very best to bottle them. Spirits well worth gathering over. Meticulously crafted for the best of friends.

Pleased to Meet You

We don’t know you, and we won’t pretend to. But if you uncork a bottle of Company, then there’s something between us. Something real. Not a “product,” or an empty promise dressed up with a label and a barcode. Something we both believed in enough to bet our most valuable resource. We’ve poured time into making it perfect. And you’ve given it some of the time that matters most – time set aside to enjoy life. We’re glad to make your acquaintance. Here’s to time well spent.