Company Distilling Beer
Brewed in Townsend, TN

Brewing beer has been a goal of the Company Distilling team, since opening their distillery in Townsend in the Summer of 2022. The team took an integrated approach when developing the design for their production equipment and processes; one that would allow for both brewing and distilling. A tactic that is both innovative, clean and efficient, guests will experience some of the best quality beer and distilled spirits in the state of Tennessee.

Company’s approach to brewing and beer styles reflects tradition and craft, while celebrating the local and regional heritage of the places they call home. Company focuses on brewing session-able, traditional and refreshing beer styles, including a FestBier, Kolsch, American Lager, American IPA and a Black Rye IPA, all of which are currently on tap in Townsend.

ABV 4.5%

Company Distilling’s FestBier is a lighter, refreshing version of an Oktoberfest style beer. This Lager is cold fermented to produce a delicate, crisp beer that showcases the beautiful Vienna and Munich malt used in the grain bill.  These malts produce a light orange tint and add a biscuity flavor. Exceptional fermentation performance results in a subtle but satisfying residual sweetness. This combined with medium body and lower alcohol make this our most sessionable beer.

ABV 5.2%

Company Distilling’s Kolsch style beer is a delicately balanced, approachable and highly-sessionable beer of a traditional style originating from Koln (Cologne) Germany. It is similar in malt and hop ingredients to a true German Pilsner but fermented in a way that highlights beautiful yeast-derived characteristics produced by the specialty Kolsch strain used.  The various fruit flavors produced in fermentation by the yeast such as apple, pear, and even cherry-like notes are delightful, lightly sweet and subtle. Noble hops (Saaz and Hallertau Mittelfrueh) are used to reinforce the traditional character of our Kolsch. These hops contribute to the appropriate style-defined flavor and aroma of the beer with very little hop bitterness.

American Lager
ABV 5.3%

Company Distilling’s American Lager style beer is the pinnacle of a light, refreshing, and enjoyable beer. This Lager is all about quality and balance. It possesses significantly more body than the average American mass-produced lagers, yet it retains the thirst-quenching properties of those lighter bodied beers. The flavor profile of our lager is relatively neutral in that neither the malt, hops or yeast derived flavors dominate the brew. Exceptional fermentation performance results in a light malt character and a subtle but satisfying delicate sweetness which is counterbalanced by the light bitterness of the traditional cascade hops.

Black Rye IPA
ABV 5.6%

Company Distilling’s Black Rye IPA is mix of two specialty IPA styles, a Black IPA and a Rye IPA. The black and chocolate malts of the Black IPA style contribute delicious roasted malt character and subtle chocolate notes. The malted rye from the Rye IPA style adds a light spiciness and a more complex but not a heavy mouthfeel.  In fact, you will find this beer to be surprisingly light, refreshing, and sessionable. This is not a heavily hopped IPA and the dark malts carry the higher IPA hop load resulting in a surprisingly delicate balance not typical of most IPAs. This style is surprisingly versatile and might just pair with any food and any meal from breakfast to dessert!

American IPA
ABV 5.9%

Company Distilling’s IPA style beer achieves the goal of producing sessionable and satisfying beers to quench the palate with refreshing goodness! At a time when many breweries are competing to overdrive hop character in an IPA, we have achieved a beautiful balance of malt and hop character while still providing the IPA lover with a satisfying hop-load of flavor. This beer has a medium-high hop character riding on a medium body and a solid malt backbone. Alcohol content is intentionally kept on the low side of this beer style range allowing our fans to enjoy multiple pours of this IPA.

New England IPA (Summer IPA)
ABV 7.5%

The New England IPA falls into the broad range of “Specialty IPA” styles and Company Distilling’s version is truly special. It pays homage to what is considered the first New England IPA, Heady Topper. Our version of this remarkable beer is just as “juicy”, but without the haze.  By juicy, we refer to the tropical fruit forward character that the select hops impart to this beer. Aromas of pineapple and orange juice dominate this beer so strongly that you’d almost think that actual fruit was added but it is not.