Company Distilling
Thompson’s Station, TN

Company Distilling
Thompson’s Station, TN


1557 Thompson’s Station Rd W
Thompson’s Station, TN 37179
(615) 478-2191

Distillery Hours
Mon closed
Tues-Sun 11am-8pm

 Official stop on the
Tennessee Whiskey Trail


Taste our award-winning spirits or Gather Around a cocktail or beer with your best company.

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• Cocktail & Mocktail Bar
• Tastings & Tours
• Heated Outdoor Patio
• Indoor Bar & Lounge Area
• Bottle Shop
• Outdoor Games
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Located in the charming and picturesque town of Thompson’s Station, TN (just outside of Franklin and 45 minutes from downtown Nashville), we craft our spirits in the same building local farmers used to house grains before loading them on the railroad for sale generations ago.

Gather Around™ indoors or outside on the porch. Friendly pets are welcome outside and reservations are not required. With a production area, bottle/retail shop, and bar with portfolio tastings and a signature cocktail menu, you can spend some time with your best of company.

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Our Distilling History in Thompson’s Station, TN

Every story has chapters. Our story started with a challenge to go do something that few Tennesseans had ever done, which was to start a distillery. We wouldn’t trade those first chapters for anything. In 2009, Tennessee was home to only three distilleries. In a state famous for its Tennessee whiskey, that number seems like an injustice. One of our founders felt the same, then took it upon himself to push for change.

He wrote and championed Senate Bill 1955 – the law that changed the legislation keeping the cork on Tennessee’s creativity. Now, craft spirits can flow freely in our state. And to that, we raise a glass. In August of 2014, H Clark Distillery became the first legal distillery in Williamson County in over 100 years. H Clark Distillery officially became Company Distilling in 2020.

The next chapter is equally as exciting as we continue to grow and expand our offerings in Thompson’s Station with live music, distillery-exclusive products, a cocktail/mocktail bar, indoor/outdoor seating, and our signature Alembic pot still. This open-fired distillation method is what we use to craft our small-batch Ghost Rail™ gin, among other fine spirts. We look forward to your visit!