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Ghost Rail Tennessee Dry Gin Product Image

Ghost Rail Tennessee Dry Gin

Ghost rails are abandoned train tracks, disappearing into our valleys, mountains and forests. They mark where we’ve been, and leave where we’re going up to each of us. Ghost Rail is our attempt to slow down, extract some deeper meaning out of life, and make real connections with the people and places around us. A whole lot of heart and soul goes into making this spirit in the simplest of ways, and we’re very pleased for you to try it. Using just six botanicals, we distill our award-winning gin on a small, open fired, Alembic still. All flavors and aromas in perfect balance, Ghost Rail transports you on a journey all your own. Pour yourself a glass, and set off for somewhere else.

Double Platinum Ascot Award

750ml | Proof: 88 | ABV: 44%

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