We make good whiskey. We know that. The amount of time and craftsmanship that goes into our blend can only mean success. But once the whiskey leaves our hands, it’s up to you. Here at Company Distilling we know that the company you keep enhances every sip of drink. You and us, we’re partners in good taste. We craft the flavor, but you’re responsible for the setting it’s consumed in. You’re not entirely alone in this. We do keep good company ourselves. So, we have a few ideas for you to help you craft the perfect shared sippable moment:

Create sippable moments with good Company around the campfireThe Perfect Time

There’s an unspoken law somewhere that bourbon pairs best with a sunset. There’s just something about the slow setting sun slipping over the horizon that brings out the full profile of a good whiskey. But for those times when you don’t have a sunset in your pocket, get creative with your timing. An evening in with the book club, a Sunday afternoon sailing, a late night round the campfire, or a stormy Saturday viewing of your favorite classic movies are all moments when a whiskey helps make the most of your time.

The Perfect Place

Whiskey doesn’t have to join a fancy setting. In fact, some of the best sips happen in the comfort of your own backyard. A tumbler of Company in one hand will help you keep your balance in a game of cornhole. Pour your whiskey on the rocks and hit the docks, or settle back into your garage band practice session. From sidelines and high tides to fishing holes and the 19th hole, we go with you wherever you go.

The Perfect Meal

Roasted, grilled, or sautéed, a delicious dish doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. The thing about whiskey is it’s like peanut butter or bacon—it typically makes for a good crossover. The key to pairing good flavors with bourbon is to follow the 4-S rule: sweet, spicy, smoky, and savory. A good steak and a layered salad go a long way among good company. Now, you may not think to reach for whiskey for your weekend brunch. But gather together your brunch crew and swap your mimosas for something new. Pair those chicken and waffles with a whiskey and we guarantee you’ll thank us later. There’s just something about maple syrup that makes bourbon sing (and our tasting notes agree).

Creating sippable moments with your best company

The Perfect Moment

Life is made of moments, just like a bottle of bourbon is filled with sips. We give each moment what it needs. Sometimes we need to celebrate big wins and accomplishments with clinking glasses and cheers. Sometimes we raise a glass in remembrance. And yet other times call for toasting to better days ahead when life seems dreary and rough. No matter where you are in your moments, good company keeps you savoring the sip.

Gathering With Company

So, the next time you need to bring good company together, keep Company Distilling whiskey in mind. We know a thing or two about what makes a moment great.