In a world where community support and positive impact are more important than ever, Company Distilling’s Gather Around Giving program shines as a beacon of hope and empowerment. This innovative initiative is more than just a corporate social responsibility endeavor—it’s a heartfelt commitment to fostering lasting change and uplifting non-profit organizations (NPOs) that are making a difference in their communities. 

What is Gather Around Giving? 

Gather Around Giving is a program designed by Company Distilling to support and empower local non-profits in their mission to create positive change. Through strategic partnerships, financial assistance, and active community engagement, the program aims to amplify the impact of these organizations and foster meaningful connections. 

How Does Gather Around Giving Work? 

The program operates on several fronts to maximize its impact: 

  • Grant Program: Company Distilling provides financial support to non-profit community organizations through a monthly grant program. This initiative provides resources to sustain and expand their community-focused initiatives. 
  • In-Kind Product Donation for Charity Events: NPOs can request access to their Company Distilling products for fundraising events. These in-kind donations help NPOs fund their fundraising efforts at galas, festivals, and private donor events. 
  • Awareness with the Distillery Spotlight Campaign: As part of the Gather Around Giving program, Company Distilling proudly shines a spotlight on non-profit organizations (NPOs) through its Distillery Spotlight initiative. This dedicated effort aims to highlight the impactful work of NPOs, encourage community engagement, and provide tangible support. 

How Can You Get Involved? 

Are you passionate about or working for a non-profit organization making a difference in your community? Nominate an organization in three simple steps. Gather Around Giving: 

  1. Visit the Gather around Giving page and read the requirements: Ensure the nominated organization aligns with the program’s criteria, such as positively impacting the community and ideally having 501(c)3 status or having applied for it. 
  1. Fill Out the Nomination Form: Complete the nomination form with accurate and detailed information about the NPO (Non-Profit Organizations) you wish to nominate. Please note non-profits are encouraged to self-nominate! Nominations are due on or before May 17th. 
  1. Submit the Form: Review the information for accuracy and completeness before submitting the nomination form. 

If your nomination meets the eligibility criteria, it will be considered for the next round, where community support is vital. Please encourage your friends, family, and community to vote for your nominated NPO to increase their chances of being selected. 

The Impact of Gather Around Giving 

Through Gather Around Giving, Company Distilling is not just providing financial support—it is building bridges between communities, businesses, and non-profit organizations. By empowering NPOs to make a positive impact, this program contributes to a more connected and compassionate society. 

Join Us in Making a Difference 

We can create meaningful change and support organizations dedicated to improving lives and communities. Whether you nominate an NPO or spread the word about Gather Around Giving, your involvement matters. 

Let’s gather around the spirit of giving. Join us in this empowerment and community-building journey with Gather Around Giving by Company Distilling. 

To get involved, visit Gather Around Giving. 

Together, let’s gather around and give back to our communities.