Gather Around: The founders of Company Distilling continue their passion for the state of Tennessee, its rich history, and education by hosting the “Distilling Greatness” podcast. Listeners can Gather Around with the Company Distilling team and a few of their friends to get a taste of the people and places that make up the rich stories of whiskey in Tennessee.

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Kris Tatum - Company Distilling - President and Founder

Kris Tatum

President & Founder
Company Distilling

Billy Kaufman - President & CEO - Short Mountain Distillery

Billy Kaufman

President & CEO
Short Mountain Distillery


Billy Kaufman

Billy Kaufman is a 20-year Short Mountain resident who hails from the distant land of Beverly Hills, California.  When Billy moved to Cannon County, he began farming with local moonshiners and his interest in alcohol production was piqued.  After collecting over 800 signatures from registered voters, Billy was instrumental in turning over the Prohibition-era liquor laws and brought legal spirits production back to the county after almost 100 years.

After forming Short Mountain Distillery, the 7th distillery in Tennessee since Prohibition, Billy then created and was the founding president of the Tennessee Distillers Guild which subsequently established the Tennessee Whiskey Trail just three years later.

When he’s not working at the distillery, Billy can be found farming, gardening, or making bonsai arrangements in his greenhouse.  Billy’s next project is the creation of the Short Mountain Greenway, which will restore the headwaters of Dry Creek back to their natural state.