Exploring the Passion of Bourbon with the Boro Bourbon Club

Welcome to another special episode of **Distilling Greatness**! Today, we’re delving into the bourbon world with the enthusiastic Boro Bourbon Club members from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. As the host, I’m Jeff Arnett, founder and Master Distiller at Company Distilling, and I’m thrilled to have this conversation at our Thompson Station Distillery.

Introducing the Boro Bourbon Club

The Boro Bourbon Club is Murfreesboro’s original and oldest bourbon and whiskey club, where enthusiasts of all experience levels come together to share and enjoy good Bourbon. The club’s mission is to support the community and celebrate rich traditions and exciting innovations in the world of whiskey.

Meet the Guests

Chad Lane: Founder of the Boro Bourbon Club
Brian Nail: Admin of the club
John Kelly: Admin of the club

The Evolution and Impact of Bourbon and Whiskey Clubs

Bourbon clubs like the Boro Bourbon Club have significantly impacted the whiskey community by making the world of Bourbon more approachable. They help simplify the process for newcomers and provide a platform for enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experiences.

Joining the Club

Chad Lane explains that the club was created on Facebook in 2019. The primary goal was to bring enthusiasts together, regardless of their experience level. New members are encouraged to support the bourbon and whiskey club by participating in barrel picks and other events, fostering a sense of community.

Collaborations with Local Liquor Stores

The Boro Bourbon Club collaborates with various local liquor stores for their barrel picks. They emphasize the importance of supporting local brick-and-mortar businesses, which in turn support the club by offering special treatment to their loyal customers.

Special Experiences with Brands

The club has had unique experiences with several brands. For example, Hard Truth Distilling provided an all-inclusive experience, including a tour, barrel pick, and overnight stay at their property. Aaron from Smoke Wagon has also been a significant supporter, offering virtual tastings and donations for the club’s nonprofit initiatives.

The Impact of COVID-19

The club’s virtual tastings and tours during the COVID-19 pandemic helped maintain engagement among members. These virtual events provided an innovative way to connect with distilleries and learn more about their processes, even when in-person visits were impossible.

The Future of Company Distilling

Reflecting on his time at Jack Daniels, Jeff Arnett shares his vision for Company Distilling. He aims to innovate through unique wood finishes and non-traditional woods native to Tennessee, such as applewood, cherrywood, and maplewood. These efforts seek to create a distinctive Tennessee brand known for its quality and innovation.

The Rye Journey

Company Distilling’s rye whiskey has been a standout, featuring a unique 100% rye grain bill that includes both dark pumpernickel rye and malted rye. This approach produces a more mint and licorice-driven character, setting it apart from typical peppery rye whiskeys.

Personal Bourbon Journeys

Each guest shared their journey into the world of Bourbon:

Brian Nail: His transition from Jack and Coke to enjoying Bourbon neat began with sharing celebratory drinks with his dad.
John Kelly: I started with Jack and Diet Coke, gradually evolving to appreciate Bourbon neatly and now exploring higher-proof offerings.
Chad Lane: His journey began with Jack and Diet Coke, eventually leading him to appreciate Bourbon’s complexities and establish the Boro Bourbon Club.


The Boro Bourbon Club embodies the spirit of community and passion for Bourbon. Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey enthusiast or a newcomer, the club offers a welcoming environment to explore and enjoy Bourbon.

Those in the Murfreesboro area who are interested in joining can find the Boro Bourbon Club on Facebook. They also host various events and collaborate with local breweries and distilleries to bring unique experiences to their members.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Distilling Greatness, where we continue to explore the stories and people behind the world of whiskey.

Distilling Greatness – and we’re out!