Gather Around: The founders of Company Distilling continue their passion for the state of Tennessee, its rich history, and education by hosting the “Distilling Greatness” podcast. Recorded inside the beautiful Tennessee Theatre, listeners can Gather Around with the Company Distilling team and a few of their friends to get a taste of the people and places that make up the rich stories of whiskey in Tennessee.

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Jeff Arnett - Company Distilling - Master Distiller

Jeff Arnett

Master Distiller & Founder
Company Distilling

Kris Tatum - Company Distilling - President

Kris Tatum

President & Founder
Company Distilling

Kim Mitchell - Blount Partnership - Director of Tourism

Kim Mitchell

Director of Tourism
Blount Partnership

Houston Smelcer - Vice President of Development & Government Relations - Helen Ross McNabb Center

Houston Smelcer

Vice President of Development & Government Relations
Helen Ross McNabb Center


Kim Mitchell

Kim Mitchell is the Director of Tourism for the Blount Partnership in Maryville, TN.  Kim was born and bred in Maryville, TN, graduated from William Blount High School and the University of Tennessee (GO VOLS).  Kim started her career in restaurant/hospitality with the Airport Hilton and moved on to their sister property, The Garden Inn in Oak Ridge, TN.  She continued her career till 2002 when she decided to stay home and raise two beautiful children, Lexi, a senior at the University of Tennessee and Caden, a junior at Hardin Valley Academy. She loves spending time with her family and watching Caden play baseball (which is a full-time activity- thanks to travel ball).

In 2010, she started working with the local non-profit Helen Ross McNabb Center Foundation as Event Coordinator for various events to raise money for the foundation.

In 2014, she accepted the position with the Blount Partnership as the Director of Tourism.

Houston Smelcer

Houston Smelcer has been at the McNabb Center for 15 years and is currently the Senior Vice President of Development and Government Relations for the Helen Ross McNabb Foundation. He has a great ability to build strong community relationships and is dedicated to leading the development and community relations teams. During his time at the McNabb Center, Houston has been instrumental in helping the foundation grow from raising $1.5-2 million annually to $3-5 million. His many contributions have allowed the McNabb Center to continue its mission of “improving the lives of the people we serve.”