Introducing Nothing Vodka: The Perfect Base for Your Favorite Cocktails

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product, Nothing Vodka! Crafted with precision and care, Nothing Vodka is designed to be the ideal base for any cocktail, offering a unique blend of flavors to elevate your drinking experience. Available exclusively at our two Tennessee distilleries, Nothing Vodka promises to be the star of your next gathering.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Soft and slightly floral, with a delicate hint of rose petals.

Flavor: Silky on the palate, featuring subtle hints of vanilla and honeysuckle.

The Nothing Vodka brand is more than just a drink; it’s an experience. Our team has worked to create a vodka that stands on its own and complements a wide range of mixers and ingredients. The result is a versatile spirit that brings out the best in any cocktail.

Perfect Cocktails with Nothing Vodka

To showcase Nothing Vodka’s versatility, we’ve curated a selection of classic cocktail recipes highlighting its smooth and refined character. These three cocktails will be available on our distillery menu and are perfect for a refreshing break from the summer heat. Whether hosting a party or enjoying a quiet evening at home, these recipes will impress.

Vodka Tonic


– 2 oz Nothing Vodka

– 4 oz tonic water

– Ice

– Lime wedge for garnish



1. Fill a highball glass with ice.

2. Pour in Nothing Vodka.

3. Top with tonic water.

4. Stir gently and garnish with a lime wedge.

The vodka tonic is a timeless favorite, and with Nothing Vodka, it reaches new heights of refreshment and sophistication.


Moscow Mule

nothing vodka-moscow-mule


– 2 oz Nothing Vodka

– 4 oz ginger beer

– 0.5 oz fresh lime juice

– Ice

– Lime slice for garnish



1. Fill a copper mug with ice.

2. Add Nothing Vodka and fresh lime juice.

3. Top with ginger beer.

4. Stir gently and garnish with a lime slice.


The Moscow Mule, with its vibrant ginger and citrus notes, pairs perfectly with the floral and vanilla undertones of Nothing Vodka, making for a refreshing and zingy drink.


Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail

nothing vodka-vodka-strawberry-lemonade


– 2 oz Nothing Vodka

– 4 oz fresh strawberry lemonade

– Ice

– Fresh strawberries and lemon slices for garnish



1. Fill a glass with ice.

2. Add Nothing Vodka.

3. Top with fresh strawberry lemonade.

4. Stir gently and garnish with fresh strawberries and lemon slices.


This Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail is a delightful mixed drink that combines sweetness and tartness, perfectly balanced by the smoothness of Nothing Vodka. It’s an ideal drink for sunny afternoons and summer gatherings.

Another classic vodka cocktail we will occasionally have on the back bar is a bloody mary. Check our social media accounts to learn about special events and our cocktail menu, which we update seasonally.

Only at Our Tennessee Distilleries

Nothing Vodka is exclusively available at our two Tennessee distilleries. This limited availability ensures that each bottle maintains the highest quality and is delivered fresh to our loyal customers. Visit us to experience Nothing Vodka firsthand and discover why it’s the perfect addition to your cocktail repertoire.

Our distilleries are not just places to purchase Nothing Vodka; they are destinations where you can learn about the craft of distilling, meet our passionate team, and enjoy tastings that highlight the unique qualities of our products.

Visit Us Today

Join us at our Tennessee distilleries to purchase Nothing Vodka and elevate your cocktail game. Whether you are a vodka enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of spirits, Nothing Vodka offers an unparalleled experience that will delight your senses.

Come and see what Nothing Vodka can bring to your next cocktail. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our passion for crafting exceptional Vodka.

With its soft, floral aroma and silky, subtly sweet flavor, Nothing Vodka is designed to be the perfect base for any cocktail. Available exclusively at our Tennessee distilleries, this premium vodka is crafted to elevate your drinking experience, whether enjoyed in a classic vodka tonic, a zesty Moscow Mule, or a refreshing Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail. Visit us today and discover the exceptional quality and versatility of Nothing Vodka.